I have had the fortune of working with Edwin for the past 4 years. He is one of my olders clients at the photo studio I own and operate. He always shows up in an awesome mood and puts a ton of effort into his shoot, orchestrating an awesome team of models, accented by makeup artists and clothing designers with whom he collaborates. It has been a pleasure to work with him all these years and I look forward to having him around many more!

– Sylva ‘Scar’ Hattington, Model/Owner www.PillarBoxStudios.com


Edwin has revolutionized the standards in photography. Working with EVolve Photography you can expect professionalism, a prompt return on images and amazing skill with lighting, that makes the images instantly look print ready. Edwin makes the models feel comfortable, while giving great direction, to insure getting that perfect shot. Edwin is not only a hired photographer with my company, he is considered part of our team.

-Franchesca Del Carpio, CEO/Founder The Diamond Dozen Models www.TheDiamondDozen.com


Edwin is the 1st photographer I had worked with when I first started my makeup career, right out of school. He is always in creative mode and since I have known him has never had an off day, he is constantly helping me with other things such as business cards, flyers etc. Everytime they are amazing. I appreciate him so much for all the help and work he’s given me , I wouldn’t be the artist I am today without him.

-Morgan Panter, MUA/H


I have shot with Edwin from EVolve Photography on 3 separate occasions and have been published with his images for the pages of Tv y Novelas and The Miss Universe Organization website! I have been amazed with the quality of images that he has taken of me! Always gorgeous and bright vivid photos every time! He is super professional! Gives great direction and make you feel comfortable. He is also very quick! It is remarkable to see proofs that same night when I get home from the shoot!! That is very rare to find in a good photographer.

-Jennifer Andrade, Model


I have had the pleasure of working with Edwin for the past several years. His talent and professionalism cannot be shadowed by his ability to capture one’s beauty. He has a way of making his models feel so comfortable, that directing appears effortless. It is always a pleasure working with Edwin, and his incredible attention to detail, ALWAYS guarantees to most amazing photographs. Being a huge fan of his work first, just made it that much more special when I began to work with him.

-Holly Hughes, Professional Hair & Makeup Artist / Director of Makeup Artistry, Lu Ross Academy


I have worked with Edwin, EVolve Photography, for quite some time now since 2010. He’s extremely professional and very fun to work with. Edwin and I hit it off and became friends after the first time we worked together. He makes the models feel very comfortable and provides edited pictures in a timely fashion. Not to mention, the quality of his work is amazing! I can guarantee that your experience working with EVolve Photography will be a great one and you will also gain a friendship along with it! Thanks Edwin for everything!

-Yeonji, Model


Edwin always has impeccable quality images.  His lighting always makes me look my best.  he is reliable and I always look forward to working with him because I know the outcome is always a real treat!

-Sabrina Jane, Model/Designer www.AcquaCouture.com


I’ve worked with Evolve for several years.  Edwin has always been prompt, professional, and courteous.  The work is always returned in a timely manner and in top quality.  Edwin does magic with the lens and communicates well with his subjects.

-Denny Huang, Co-Editor www.Dayuum.com


Edwin was the first photographer I’ve shot with.  Before we started he made a point to let me know it was about having fun and really helped ease the tension.  He also helped me feel beautiful and confident.  His patience with me was remarkable.  He won’t admit it but it took me awhile to get us some usable shot!  At one point I completely forgot I was modeling and just got lost in the moment of his directions… hand here, eyes there, etc.  Its when I let go and let him lead amazing imagery was born.  I’m so happy my entry into modeling was with Edwin!.

-Beth Hagendorf, Model www.BethHagendorf.com


I always love shooting with Edwin! Not only is he professional and great at what he does, he is also an awesome person. I can always expect amazing images when we shoot and he always gets them edited and sent over to me quick.

-Kasey Lestrange, MUA/Model


I started working with Edwin about 1 1/2 years ago. Without a doubt he is the most AMAZING and PROFESSIONAL photographer that I have ever worked with. He truly makes his clients look the best that they can look in photographs. He is always on time and he is so sweet and down-to-earth; this trait is hard to come by in the modeling world now days. Edwin is one of a kind. Did I mention that he is the most TALENTED photographer I have ever worked with as well? He knows exactly what he is doing. To be a model and say that you have his work in your portfolio, now that’s a BIG thing! He is a seasoned vet at this profession. He always made me feel comfortable and confident while we were shooting. I have shot with other photographers but none of them compare to Edwin, I always end up doing shoot after shoot with him because he is truly the BEST there is. If you get a chance to work with Edwin, be prepared for his work to be the best pictures in your portfolio.

-Britt-ann Klien, Model


I have had the pleasure of working with Edwin on a few photoshoots. Not only are his images amazing but his personality is awesome. He makes the model feel so comfortable even if she’s not wearing much. I love collabing with Edwin every time I can.

-Leila, MUAH www.SinCityBeauty.com


I’ve had the pleasure to work with Edwin for sometime now. He has always been so professional, and always makes me feel comfortable… Let’s be honest, sometimes us models are in very skimpy clothes, and in very compromised positions. But, I always feel like I’m hanging out with a great friend, who just happens to be an amazing photographer. I’m always looking forward to my next shoot with him… Edwin Rocks!!

-Adrian Morgan, Model www.AdrianMorgan.com